Tera Coyotes Can Be Found Wearing Armor Upgrade for A War Dog Book

"Tera" public official blog has a new monster coyotes presentation information. Is a coyote can be seen in many places of wild animals, but in certain places, will wear armor and weapon coyotes, can be trained into a battle enemy's war dogs. Official website describes the contents of the following reorganization:

Monster Name: Hyena

Living area: two on the mainland can be found traces of coyotes, but first appeared in Allen continent.

Attack skills: bite attack, sustained multiple bite attack, choking attacks.

Defense skills: quick jump back, wandering round and round to avoid attack, ran out of range or out of the attack.

Weaknesses and disadvantages: continuous bite attack skills, multi-cast will run out of stamina, ran out, or out of the current range of the enemy's attack, the soldiers are likely to enter another attack range.


This shape is very similar with the dog in the four-legged animals "TERA" in many parts of the world can be seen, but the largest number of infested areas is the most frequent in Allen continent (Arun). Wild coyotes often wandering in the desert and grassland areas, but they also have a semi-domesticated species - Warhound (Wardogs). This type of coyotes is not common, like the ancient Titan River valley coyote (Gutrend), and stationed in Freeholds of Valkyon federal domesticated wearing battle armor, wearing sharp corners soil Wolf, these two species belong to the dog fighting.

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Attack Strategy:

Coyotes had been masters of using offensive weapons is that it pitched a long sharp teeth, although it's bite attack each and harm is very small, but once it is ready to attack, flashing eyes, it is likely there will be an attack two or even three times under the continuous biting action, the harm will quickly become a double or triple the original. However, in this continuous bite after the coyote's physical exhaustion for a few seconds time, this time it's defensive skills can not be cast.

There's an old saying about Coyote said, "their breath than their terrible teeth to much", which is a truth. Coyote damage caused by attacks of suffocation at least four times a normal bite attack, and the coyote was released after the attack will not lead to suffocation physical exhaustion. However, before the Coyotes during the choking attack, as will be flashing eyes, but they will still attack, circling the enemy choose the time wandering around, looking for each other's weaknesses.