World of Warcraft Went to Fading Which Game to Take over Deteriorating

"World of Warcraft," Which game to take over deteriorating
Recently, the "World of Warcraft" GregStreet chief systems architect, acknowledged in an interview, "World of Warcraft" This market has reached seven years time the game has entered a recession, and the new R & D team in the field feel lost its way. Although the information may also be a two piece, but who can pick the classes of Warcraft has become the focus of the players.


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Needless to say, Blizzard is preparing for the masterpiece "Titan" is the best successor of Warcraft. The mysterious as the next generation of online gaming is Blizzard games, the next generation of MMO. "Titan" and the World of Warcraft will be two very different games, at least it seemed to work. And the view of the world system built on the basis of the legend, there are also significant in the career adjustment. According to Blizzard said, "Titan," the story of revenge against the backdrop of a giant to return to the earth, but the game in the opposition camp is not restricted, will play the same occupation in different racial differences. Although Blizzard for the "Titan" revealed the news are not enough, but enough to lift the player's appetite, after all, Blizzard means quality.

"Guild Wars 2."

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NC SOFT's new "Guild Wars 2" was in 2010, beat Cologne International Exhibition of Warcraft game, won the "Award for the best online games", it greatly increased the degree of concern. "Guild Wars" follow-up to "Guild Wars 2" is a MMORPG game, by the NC SOFT North American subsidiary ArenaNet studio. Before the "battle" this year's second quarter global sales of 5.1 billion (won), although its sales only "heaven" or "Aion" one-tenth, but the "battle" the majority of sales come from overseas, Therefore, much higher than for domestic sales of South Korean Foreign NC SOFT, is the only output (exit) type game. The "Guild Wars 2" is also a foreign concern was significantly higher than Korea, so NCSOFT expect, "Guild Wars 2" can be achieved "to create a truly global blockbuster game," the company's goals. "Guild Wars 2" Although the date when the most critically acclaimed original works, although the game story and system settings in the extension before the same time, have carried out a new design, but the game is the unknown time to market, has become the largest made shortcomings.


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Is also a game from Korea, "TERA" NHN is a South Korean game maker's masterpiece, known as development funding up to 320 billion won, a first-class image quality heavyweight work. Game features a unique technology-based immersive fighting game, whether it is attack strength, direction, distance, and the extent of damage, have emphasized realistic rendering. E3 2011 has won the best prizes and the best MMO game awards. Magnificent battle scenes and a unique political system is very creative, and many more celebrities of Warcraft is a "TERA" praise.

"Sword of the Spirit."

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Well-known South Korean online game developer NCsoft's latest work. This is a way of trying to get rid of the monotony of the game, allows players to experience the fun of a new martial arts fantasy action 3DMMORPG. Developed a two-year "spiritual sword", by "Heaven 2" director of development responsible for the development, known as a graphic designer picture, only half of the current degree of development. Has removed a number of roles too exposed, but the game can be seen in the video games the current female role is still very sexy. A stunning video shows us a realistic oriental martial arts world, amazing dodge, magnificent character modeling, Sincere to the meat of the fighting sense, Xuemaibizhang course of the fighting, and the task of humor Funny plot ... ... All in all, the players are familiar with the style, gorgeous screen, and head movements to enhance the aesthetics of violence, this oriental martial arts online game has had the potential to become a super masterpiece.


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"RIFT" was developed by the North American game developers TrionWorlds fantasy MMORPG. Since the beta has been critically acclaimed game, known as World of Warcraft's biggest rival. "RIFT" using the Unreal 3 engine to build, boasts the most top of the lighting effects the environment. Both day and night in a game or spell effect of changes in the presentation, have attracted a large number of players fought to join the game. The game's biggest feature is the dynamic event system, whether it is dangerous or surprise, no matter where the players themselves, are likely to trigger special events at any time. 2011 Online Game Development Awards list of all the award competition, "crack" won the best new games, the best online gaming best online gaming technology and great picture of the three components of the award nominations, and its popularity can be glimpse.


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"4Story" Korea ZEMI INTERACTIVE development of a MMORPG game. It has a rich story line, multiple games of background scenes, as well as huge mission system and the unique "real-time battle command system," praised by the players. "4 Story" won the Korean National FTTHSCC Bronze Award-winning. Many players think that "4Story" is a replica of Warcraft, but this did not affect its high popularity.

"Ancient Century"

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"Ancient Century" by the "South Korean online game first person," Song in Beijing led the development of the world's first third generation of online games, with its epoch-making innovation game concept, ambitious and high-definition gaming world delicate expression, is recognized as the most promising change and the creation of online history of the game. "Ancient Century" game of the world and the plot by South Korea's best-selling beauty author, "Tianyizhilian", "years of the stone," the author of all the people Hee chair design. The game has a grand and complete story of the historical background and structure of a large fantasy world, set more realistic and close to all the players, easily accepted and respected by the majority of players. At present, Tencent agent game, the player is expected to experience in 2012.

"Mysterious World"

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"Mysterious World" by renowned game developer Funcom developers in North America across the Xbox 360 and PC a dual-platform massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) horror games. The game will be the background of the modern world, both historical, ancient fables and myths as a source of creativity. "Mysterious World" to set in "real world", such as London, New York and Seoul in these cities. But the game also has supernatural presence. Such as vampires, Merovingian King of Stonehenge, and even the sun god and so on. A cross between the game will bring players the illusion between the real and unreal, thereby increasing their degree of horror.

"Star Wars: The Old Republic"

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"Star Wars: The Old Republic" by EA's American and European game developers BioWare and LucasArts jointly developed the Star Wars theme 3DMMORPG, but the game has not been issued, had already heard this for a cost of U.S. $ 100 million, called the history of the most expensive game. The quality of the production cost is not necessarily bad, but keep the bad habit of bouncing, so many players unhappy. Although the games release date has never been clearly identified, but the first time Bioware staff's position within the game will be the first to second quarter 2010 release, and then said in E3 2010, issued in the spring of 2011, and now is the 2011 in summer. In 2011, E3, Bioware says the game will be issued during the year in 2011, they will jump jump, let's wait and see.

"King World"

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"King World" (Atlantica) is a South Korean company developed a Ndoors 3D SRPG games. Around the history of the game once glorious but suddenly the mysterious lost continent "Atlantis" start to the four ancient civilizations, based on reproduction of the real map of the world and national monuments. Game players can experience the innovative combat system and the AMO management and comprehensive wealth of the city to develop. "King World" attaches great importance to the game player's experience of itself and, with the players to maintain close interaction, adhering to the People First, open features, take many long, the game is operational habits of users in China stickers