TERA Qperators the effort to combat the virtual trading

In today’s popular online games, virtual trading has become a gray area can not be avoided, both game development company or operating company is difficult to stop virtual trading, and there followed a large number of game gold farmers (Gold Farmer). Recently, “TERA” North American agent En Masse Entertainment CEO Patrick Wyatt Stuart on the official blog: the effort to combat the game’s virtual trading.

Show a recent Castanic start playing the video treatment, followed by Hager and Ramirez analysis of the game systems (including combat, Rune and crystal systems). The conference is for those who do not understand completely "TERA" players, so not much new stuff released. In addition to some other action, the conference also introduces the game's story, and hate the system of political prestige system.

Bluehole developed new online game "TERA" open Europe's Game Show Gamescom 2011 promotional video to show "TERA" the European version of the style.

"TERA" now in South Korea, the Japanese market, while Japan reached 50,000 while the beta on the line good results.

He said: the game will introduce a “time scroll” (Chronoscrolls) system, the system similar to the “EVE Online” The PLEX system, if the players did not participate in virtual trading, this system will not have any effect; If the player through a third party purchase virtual currency, then he will be subject to certain penalties which will not Fengting player account or something, but it will reduce the desire of players to buy gold coins, and thus cut off from the source virtual transactions. While being we do not know how to operate the system, but his confident attitude, it is worth looking forward to it.

En Masse also shows the server the first time between the fighting. The system design is full of class players to provide more PVE and PVP content. "Through this system, there will be other players can enter your server's territory, to challenge your authority." Hager explained that he then referred to the Society between the need to unite together against the invaders, if the alliance is strong enough together , will be able to have back home invaders.

In addition, NHN Japan announced, "TERA" yesterday (18) officially launched in Japan, will launch a 30 moon fees, costs 90 moon, 30, automatically renewed monthly fee (Only credit card payments) and 30 hour and kinds of payment system, the price of 3,000 yen, seven thousand five hundred yen, 2,000 yen and 7 million 9 million yen, of which 30 hours must be in 9 one hundred yen a year after use.

En Masse For details of this new system is very careful not to reveal too much, but as the game launched in Spring 2012 draws near, I believe there will be more information available.

TERA the United States Sever Will Act against Illegal Game

“TERA” developer studio En Masse Entertainment North American division recently announced that it has to cooperate with the Crisp Technology, the two sides will jointly operate the game after the game to crack down on various illegal acts. Official statement is as follows:

Crisp Thinking yesterday (August 10) announced that they are unique, automated social management platform will be integrated into the spring of next year we will be released online at work “TERA” in.

En Masse third Friday of each month will be through Twitter (social networking and micro-blog service site) A meeting of the "TERA" product exchange. Friday's exchange of producer Brian Knox and community manager Evan Berman mentioned some of the noteworthy content.

One mentions the Association is planning the construction of which may not be able to catch the game on sale in spring 2012. Game development team also mentioned some of the data (En Masse 70 people, "TERA" to the creation of South Korea's Bluehole Studio has more than 200 teams). Finally, revealed activity in the forum to announce next week, PAX "TERA" related to the major content, do please pay attention to it.

Crisp platform game in real-time detection of various types of illegal behavior, online chat template, and social patterns, to respond to and deal with goldsmith, plug-in, spam, Leveling and phishing attacks. It can detect bad behavior, and real-time monitoring of transactions; can automatically follow the rules set in advance from the line to deal with the behavior of the lower threat level, and to give priority to some of the more serious problems the team sent to deal with.

En Masse will have the honor to become the world’s first platform to use Crisp to manage and regulate all of its online content companies. And Crisp will work together to maintain “TERA” safe game environment.

The Introduction of The Employment in Tera - Slayer

Slayer Sword holding hands, strength-based melee attack occupation. Has a unique group of professional skills and 3 seconds AOE cooling to avoid skills. But his ability to be weaker than some of the PK monomer career, IAS faster than the Berserker.

Good hands Sword

SOLO capacity: ★ ★ ★ ★

Attack: ★ ★ ★ ★

Agility: ★ ★ ★ ★

PK monomer capacity: ★ ★ ★ ★

Team PK ability: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Viability: ★ ★ ★ ★

Professional Orientation:

Slayer is an attack power and attack speed of both the explosive career, this refers to the short period of time can play in attack and speed, killing can be said that all the highest professional, but there is only based on speed than just a little faster mad war, so the opportunity to use skills become important, while murderers are avoided dominated occupations, which makes killing faster in the face of a monster, it will suffer more.

The expense of defense, the result is explosive attack with machine power, if power can utilize these machines, a large monster in the Battle can be said even more powerful, the opposite if unable to grasp the massacre's mortality rate is also very impressive .

And is also a great weapon wielding Berserker compared killers attack segmental bias is even, by some of the attacks triggered by the attack skills, simultaneously than Berserker, who has a greater slaughter to contain skills and the opportunity down, strictly speaking, the massacre were completely truly, as the defense is to attack the output of job.


In addition to its strong attack, the killers will attack skills are mostly driven by the role of movement can be done to many professional can not do the "attack and evasive" action, and has a dual stun skills, so that massacre in team has a very brisk performance.


Singles large monster will attack the relative lack of opportunity, if not a good teammate to suck a monster, then the murderers will face a lot of survival.

"TERA" Lord of the Cologne exhibition demo a lot of benefits

Game show in Cologne this year, "TERA" provides a demo opportunity, the following European and American media IGN reporter playing the game the game the feeling, take you to learn more about the core of the game, details see the following translation of the original:

Fast-paced battle

"TERA" can not lock the focus of attack will probably take some time to adapt to many players, the game's combat system is like money to play with action games. If you do not want to be hit, then you need to avoid. If you are not weapons of attack range, then even think about playing hurt. Fast-paced fighting game, even as "murderers (Slayer)" it is a standard MMO tank damage output professional skills, fighting up the feeling, and other online games like "World of Warcraft" different.

Batter easier to operate

Fighting game's attention is always the center of the screen, any player will get BOSS hate halo to be marked, which would also allow other players in a timely manner to avoid or change roles. In the batter, the skills you will be notified and the activation of continuous attack skills appear on the screen as a reminder. At the right time to press the space bar to trigger the batter to make attacks easier.

BOSS made the big move will be obvious when prompted

"Slayer (Slayer)" can puncture attack, Whirlwind, jumping fierce kick attack to cause a substantial amount of technical damage. BOSS fight in the battle, especially in the rational use of these skills is essential. Giant monster in the game have special notice indicating that they will display their big move, and will enter the state of vertigo from time to time to give players the right time for violent attack or a team response.

Political system to have players ready to love

In the copy, the player also will not idle. Game open world epic also tells the story of a large number of transitions story line. Furthermore, if the players on the "TERA" very love it, but also to participate in the game of politics. As long as you level high enough to have a high level guild and a lot of money, you will be able to enter the electoral process as "TERA" 18 administrative districts of the Archons.

When the lords of the benefits

En Masse Bluehole also hope his campaign can cover all of the social network, but once you win the election, you will have the opportunity to increase the territory will give you new suppliers and selling valuables, but you can also adjust the tax. I think this part of the tax have a question, because the power of the players can derive benefits. This is definitely a lot of people is a huge temptation to profit from inevitable, there may be government intervention to control, may not. Anyway, after 21 days of power will be transferred, so if you can make enough evil on the territory of players overwhelmed by fleeing.

An additional approach to earn Runescape Gold

Another method of earn cash is as easy as merchanting. You will find plenty of solutions to do this. You are able to acquire overstocked components of one particular shop after which market them at a higher price in a shop where they may be not filled. You are able to additionally buy commodities that are being provided from much less when compared with marketplace place value after which marketplace these phones other Runescape Gold gamers who're willing to purchase increased costs. In order to do that, although, it truly is required that you simply merely are mindful related to present marketplace rates.

You will be able to get sharks regarding about 400 gp as well as later sell them for near to 1000 gp. Similarly, you will have the ability to purchase lobsters for 1 hundred in order to 130 gp and sell them for 200 gp. Rumor has it that inside Edgeville they're looking forward to meals as well as promoting presently there could be quite profitable. It is possible to purchase coal with regard to 130 physician and sell it with regard to about 200 gp near to Falador 's eastern monetary institution. Also consider Rune Essence, that might be purchased Runescape Gold for 25 physician also as offered for 40 from Varrock as east bank.

Cherish looking is really truly the mini-game with regard to people. You will find 3 diverse levels, that deliver numerous treasure choices. In degree a single, you're able to acquire rare metal cut, black armour worth 300k an assortment. Within the 2nd degree, you'll be able to get ranger footwear truly worth 700k. In the final degree, you are able to acquire Runescape Gold cut rune armor, lord armour, gilded armour along with a The boy wonder Hood loath. Every of these products might be worth more than 1 zillion doctor each and every.