TERA U.S Server Declared War to Those Who Brush Payment Open Public Protection System

While away from the “TERA” formal operations in North America a few months time, but En Masse ready to brush the inevitable future of gold who have declared war on the army.

August 31 News, PAX game show in our En Masse had a brief interview. Bill Murphy and Carolyn Koh Battle told us that a special server system as the finale of TERA publicity.

A new report describes the development of “TERA” The new protection system chronoscrolls, if you are familiar with “EVE,” the PLEX system, then, between the two might be able to see some similarities. Game Producer Parick Wyatt said: “If you never spend money to buy gold coins, and wonder why this new chronoscrolls system useful for games, so imagine: no matter whether it exists, there will be players from the hands of cash transactions to purchase game gold, through the purchase of gold coins to the player who has been to provide a legal channel for those who aim to destroy the “TERA” gold dealers are. ”

So far we know about the "Battle server system" is the server where players can be as aggressive looting money, other players for various reasons such as servers, but as a defender of the party will certainly heroic resistance until the aggressors out of their own territory (the server).

South Korean media analysis, resulting in "Tera" such a serious decline in popularity for two reasons. First, the charges for nearly five months of the game so far has not been associated update. Second, the game balance and the ultimate contents of the problem. "TERA" the role of balance problems, leading to relatively strong specific occupations, but also to accelerate the player's departure.

Hanbok "TERA" the operator NHN said, had "Aion" is also dogged a similar decline in popularity, in order to "TERA" return of popular MMO online games, the company will be every three months for large-scale update , will no longer be players left.

Then for this new system En Masse did not want to give more comments. However, En Masse said the end stage of the game's beta will be released more relevant information.

Players can use the time to scroll to extend their play time. Each scroll is equal to one month of game time. Scroll can be purchased from the official website and sent to your role. You can use it to increase the gaming experience a month or use it to trade currency to other players.

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