Making Money with Iron in Runescape rold

Mining iron ore in runescape gold is one of the basic methods of making money that is available to both free to play people and members. However, members do have more options available to them and can be much more efficient in using the iron ore as well as being able to produce a greater variety of items to sell. The requirements for mining iron ore are the same for both members and non-members. The simple requirements are that all players will need level 15 mining if they are wanting to build up their own stocks of iron, however, if they are planning to merchant iron ore then they will simply need some initial cash to start buying the ores from other players.

Mining Iron Ore:

As stated, level 15 mining is required to be able to mine iron ore. In addition, a pickaxe will also be needed and can vary from bronze to rune depending on a players current mining level. The best pickaxe to use will be a rune pickaxe, although this will require level 41 mining to be able to use it.

Players on free to play worlds have a more limited amount of Iron Mines available for them to mine and are likely to see more competition during busy times for the limited number of iron ore rocks available. A decent mine on free to play runescape is located South East of Varrock and is suggested as a good mine to start with on free to play servers.

Members may be better off using the Iron Mines that are located around East Ardougne as they can often find a quiet world where they will be the only person mining the iron and therefore be able to continuously mine without interruptions. This will mean they can mine more iron ore quicker than free to play people.

The price of Iron Ores can vary depending on the buyer as well as the quantity that is being sold. It is fair to assume that if a player has 1000 iron ores for sale they will be able to get 100 gold pieces each (100,000 gp for the batch of 1000 iron ores). When selling in smaller quanitities the prices may be lower and selling in higher quantities players may be able to get 110gp or 120gp depending on the buyer.

Using Iron Ore:

Free to play runescape people should not really smelt the iron ore as 50% of it will be impure and effectively lost. It is suggested that free to play runescape people should either sell the iron ore and aim to get 100gp per ore or use the iron ore to make steal bars (2 coal per steal bar will also be required and a smithing level of 30).

Members can really make much more use from Iron as they can wear a ring of forging that allows them to make 140 iron ores into 140 iron bars without risking any of the iron being impure. This enables runescape members to be able to sell the iron bars and expect to receive 200gp per iron bar.

Runescape members can also make more useful items through smithing. The most popular item used to be iron arrowheads and it used to be well rewarding, however, over time the price of iron arrow heads has reduced while the cost of iron ore has increased which makes this a less viable method of making money. Iron Darts and Iron Throwing Knives may also be made by members, although the demand for them is not always high or constant and as such selling in bulk can bring in good money, but players must be patient and find the right buyer.


Free to play people should sell Iron Ore for 100gp each or use the iron ore with 2 coal ores to make steel bars.

Runescape members can use their iron ore and make it into iron bars and sell the tera gold. Alternatively they can choose to smith any item they desire and either use the item themselves or look to make the equivalent of around 200gp per iron bar used.

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