Dth Service In India: A Technology That Has Come Of Age

With emergence of digital clarity TV viewing in India, direct to home (DTH) industry has got wow gold. Great competition and the rush to capture the market share has opened wonderful avenues for the users. Not only with the pricing, the users now have the option to choose extra perquisites as per the individual needs. Moreover, the options for the consumers have increased immensely. From the choice of packages, the consumers can decide on their preferred pack and pay only for what they watch. One such company that has excelled immensely in the Indian direct to home(DTH) market is Videocon. The company has come up with discounted packages with increased elements of flexibility that allows the users to choose their set of viewer ship. In a nutshell, viewers pay only for what they choose to watch. Here is a brief overview of some the packages on offer by Videocon D2H service.riftplatinum4us.bloggproffs.se

Gold Pack: This pack has pioneered the DTH technology in India. The pack buy tera gold with a variety of channel packages. The users can subscribe to one of the Base packages and then choose any or all the Add-On packages. Gold pack comes at Rs 150 per month(inclusive of all taxes). Moreover, the users can top up the account with Rs 1600 recharge and avail 12 months of gold pack. The package is inclusive of 194 channels and added services.
Gold South Pack: The pack is exclusively designed to cater the DTH market of South India. The pack comes at an added Rs 175 (inclusive of all taxes). The users get to see 198 channels. Moreover, the consumers are given 1 free south language top up with this pack as a gesture.

Gold Sports Pack: The pack is specially designed cheap Tera gold by the company to serve the sports loving DTH viewer ship of India. The pack comes at Rs 225 per month(inclusive of taxes) and offers major sports channels of India. Moreover, the users get to watch an additional 201 channels in this pack.

Diamond Pack: The pack offers more than 225 channels along with service assistance. The users can top up your account with Rs 1500 and get a recharge for six months. Moreover, the users can alternatively choose to get an year long recharge with Rs 2900. The monthly charges of the diamond pack comes at Rs 275 per month. It is one of the preferred package scheme of the modern day DTH service consumer in India.

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