Death Information for new comers in RuneScape

For Rs gold new comers, you may death quickly with wow gold, and lose your RS gold, RS experience and RS items. How do you save yourself without lose nothing? Read this article. To start with, when your character dies you will always respawn in the grounds of Lumbridge Castle. By completing quests, members can move their respawn location to somewhere more convenient depending on their needs.

Normally, when your character dies, you are only allowed to retain your three most valuable items. Be aware that an item's value is decided by the game, not the market value. Any other items you are carrying will drop on the ground where you died. To find out which items you will keep, you can look at your 'Items kept on death' interface. Read the Controls - Inventory article to find out more about this feature. Any items you drop when you die will be invisible to other players, protected by a gravestone (see below) for a certain amount of time.

There are three exceptions to keeping three items that you should be aware of: playing Bounty Hunter, being 'skulled' when you enter the Abyss, or being skulled by attacking someone else on a PvP world. In both of these cases, you will lose ALL of your items. You just allow keep three most valuable items, not including RuneScape gold.

However you die, if your Prayer level is high enough, you will be able to use the 'Protect Item' prayer to hold onto one extra item. So, if you die normally, you will be able to retain four items, and if you were skulled by the Abyss or playing Bounty Hunter, you will hold onto one item. Note that, in Bounty Hunter, there are some situations when you will not be able to use the 'Protect Item' prayer.

There is a chance that you can, as long as you're quick or had friends near where you were slain. There are a few exceptions to this, which includes Bounty Hunter, a few other minigames (like Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble) and at certain points in some quests. Of course, players can gathering RuneScape gold and RS experience (RS power leveling) after you are recover.

When you die and drop items (except in the instances mentioned above), a gravestone will appear at the spot you died, guarding your possessions and acting as a warning to others. This gravestone will remain in place for between two and five minutes (depending on your gravestone - see below). As your time runs out, your gravestone will begin to crumble. A friendly player can fix up your gravestone by right-clicking and selecting 'Repair'. They need to have a Prayer level of 2, and this will hold your gravestone in place for another five minutes at a cost of about 5 Prayer points. If the player repairing your gravestone has less than 5 Prayer points, it will not remain as long.

Alternatively, a player may choose to 'Bless' your gravestone, imbuing it with the strength of their faith to keep it in place for up to an hour. This requires a Prayer level of 70 and will cost the player blessing it as many Prayer points as it requires. This will never take their Prayer points below 10 (just in case they need them!).

The length of time your gravestone remains in place depends on how many Prayer points the player blessing your gravestone has available and how long it has been since you died. Note that, regardless of when the gravestone was blessed, it will crumble to dust one hour after you died. It will also collapse when you log out, or if you die again and drop more items, although your items may remain available for a while longer if your gravestone has been repaired or blessed recently.

To make it easier to get to your items when you return to Buy RS Gold, you (and only you!) can right-click on your gravestone and select 'Demolish'. This won't make your items vanish immediately, so you should still be able to pick them up before they despawn.


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